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It is a great feeling to be able to relax and feel comfortable in your own home after Clarity Cleaning Services cleaning services Edwardsville IL has completed their work!  If everything is organized and the house is tidy it’s much easier to concentrate on the things that matter to you and your family. Enjoying time with your family getting together, having a catch-up or having an evening meal.

Enjoying time with your family getting together, having a catch-up or having a meal. A clean house is what makes a house, apartment, or condo home.

Your home should be your refuge from the craziness of the world. It’s the space where you unwind and replenish your energy each day. We realize that after working for a long time in the office, you don’t want to come home and clean your floors or clean your kitchen just so that you can make dirty dishes again for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, clean air makes those home cooked meals smell and taste better!


Hiring a professional cleaning services Edwardsville IL for cleaning will restore your home back to the tranquility you’ve always wanted. Our goal is to make your trip home the best part of your day.

Clutter can be distracting so let us get rid of that stack of empty cereal boxes you’ve kept because your 3-year-old played with them for a week. No one likes to clean the bathroom, so let us clean your grout, behind the toilet, and the soap scum around your tub and shower. Your next bath will be like a spa experience!

Benefits of a Professionally Clean Home

When you have your home professionally cleaned by Clarity Cleaning Services, your home has a new level of clean. Because dust, dirt, and germs can get into our lungs when it sits on furniture and floats in the air. A professional cleaning will get rid of all of the dirt and germs in your home because they will clean parts of your home you don’t have the time to do regularly, such as floorboards, ceiling fans, and the tops of shelves. Soft items in your homes such as carpets, drapes and non leather upholstered furniture tend to trap the dirt easier and wear out faster when not kept clean regularly. Professional cleaning services will also use stronger cleaners than your typical big box store bleach or ammonia concoctions. Just keep a bottle of white vinegar and a box of baking soda handy for small clean-ups between professional cleanings.

 You’ll be able to focus your time on things that are more important knowing you’re able to spend your days and evenings with your family doing whatever you want, instead of having to take care of the household chores that most homeowners have to put quite a bit of work into.  Just give our house cleaning Edwardsville IL team a call so that we can help set up a good schedule to keep your house looking exactly the way you want it!

House Cleaning Edwardsville IL Specialists

An active lifestyle is commonplace in today’s world.  House cleaning Edwardsville IL can be such a burden to your schedule, why deal with chores that take up your time and take you away from enjoying your life? It is better to spend time with loved ones and eliminate household chores. We at Clarity Cleaning Services take care of the chores that are difficult, so that you can return to enjoying your life. When life happens and you cannot get everything put back in the correct place, house cleaning Edwardsville IL will get your things back in order as part of the cleaning process. When the world gets hectic, even when you do clean it is not with the care and attention you know your home and family deserves. No need for pre-organizing for the cleaning company to come! Your morning routine will be simplified when you do not have to shake every make up bottle on your vanity to find the one that has enough in it. You will also have a whole new wardrobe when your closet is organized with clothes back on the hangers and your shoes paired up.

Breathing in clean air while you sleep will also help you be more active during the day. You will also sleep better after a deep clean of your whole bedroom, from the tops of your ceiling fans to under the bed and behind the headboard.

 Spend some time with your spouse and have some fun with your loved ones. All those hours you may have spent cleaning could be used to create precious memories.  If you live in the O’Fallon IL area, be sure to check out our cleaning services O’Fallon IL.

Anyone who has small children, pets, older adults, or family members with allergies in the home should hire a Cleaning Service. Small children are especially susceptible to ingesting anything that is laying around or drinking hazardous cleaners, so let cleaning services Edwardsville IL bring the cleaners needed and take them when they leave. Pets leave tough odors and stains that regular household cleaners have difficulty removing. Older adults and people with allergies already have enough difficulty breathing- why add hidden dust that gets circulated through the HVAC system that can aggravate sensitive nasal and lung tissue. Additionally, time is even more valuable for those with the very young and old living in the home and you have better things to do when you are at home than cleaning.

A Clean Home Will Save You Money

Keeping your home professionally cleaned will keep you from having to spend time and money cleaning your air vents, touching up the paint on discolored floorboards, handrails and doors, and replacing curtains and upholstered furniture. Your wood floors will keep their luster when they have a good cleaning. A clean home will also help you keep your HVAC system in good repair longer because it doesn’t have to filter as much dirt. Clean refrigerator vents will keep your food cooler more efficiently and a clean oven and microwave will heat food more evenly. When your windows are clean, your house is flooded with natural light allowing you to save on lighting costs. You will also see your mood improve with the extra sunlight!

It's a great feeling when you arrive home to a clean slate every day. Clarity Cleaning Services is here to keep it pristine and at its finest.

House Cleaning Edwardsville IL

Your home is likely your most favorite place to spend your time. It is a place where you can be yourself completely free of the outside world, and let your personality shine through. When you arrive home, you’ll want to leave the outside world and everything behind so you can unwind. It’s crucial to find a friendly and clean space to return home to.

It can be hard to run a household as well as work, while also juggling your family life.  Sports and family activities can really take up your time.  There shouldn’t be any choice between a clean home or time spent with your loved ones. Don’t make it a burden to yourself this year! With your residential cleaning covered it’s now your turn to live your life to your heart’s content each day without all of the stress.

A Spotless Home In 3 Steps

We recognize that having a clean and comfortable house is crucial to your overall health and we're here to assist you in this. Our service will guarantee you a clean and tidy home as well as a smooth and easy experience. In order to provide your home with the unique treatment it deserves, we first need to know how you would like your home to look. When company comes over, you will be able to relax knowing there won’t be embarrassing dust bunnies in the corners or under the furniture and no cobwebs around the windows or the ceiling.

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1. Phone Consultation

Contact us today and send us photos of your space so we'll have a better idea of what your clean-up will entail. We'll contact you with a telephone consultation to discuss the best method to transform your home. If you send us photos of your living space to us, we'll be able to come up with a better idea of what kind of tasks will be involved in maintaining the beauty of your space.

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2. Signing The Contract And Cleaning

After you have decided on your cleaning package, we create and conclude the contract and the payment.

When payment is confirmed and every detail is in place, we can get to work. We make use of safe, high-quality cleaning products, and treat your property with respect.

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3. Love Living In A Home That's Always Clean

Your home is now looking great! It smells and feels wonderful. It is time to spend quality moments with your family and friends in a space that blends comfort and freshness.

You don't have to trade family time for chores at home. When your house is being taken care of by experts, you can enjoy your life however you like.

Happy Homeowners Say...

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Devon Spring
Devon Spring
The team of experienced cleaners worked diligently to clean every nook and cranny of our home. And the best part is, they were affordable without sacrificing quality! I also loved that the kind of cleaning products they used in our home were eco-friendly and pet-friendly. I highly recommend Clarity Cleaning Services to anyone who wants a clean home without lifting a finger! You won't be disappointed.
Curt Painter
Curt Painter
There's no doubt that a clean home is a happy home.  But who has the time these days to keep their home spick and span? That's where Clarity Cleaning Services comes in! They offered us top quality and professional residential cleaning services that will made our home look and feel brand new.
Duncan Jacques
Duncan Jacques
We settled on Clarity Cleaning Services for a residential cleaning job we had.  They did a phenomenal job! They are professional, accommodating and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Clarity Cleaning Services to anyone looking for quality cleaning services. They truly went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you, Clarity Cleaning Services!
Clint Massey
Clint Massey
Had them do a deep clean of a property I manage, and they did a great job.
Jacob Kline
Jacob Kline
Unbeatable service! They did an absolutely wonderful job! Very friendly, very thorough.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown
First let me start with the wonderful communication I had with Rebecca. She walked me through the entire process, helped us decide what we wanted, what we didn't. She explained in detail how things would work, scheduled the appointment and even asked for photos of the rooms we wanted cleaned. Setting things up were a breeze. Bri!!!! Oh boy was Bri thorough, detailed and amazing!!!! She cleaned things and areas we didn't even know we had, I think!! She organized everything in the cabinets after cleaning them. I can't say enough about the level of cleaning she performed. I came home both days and she was just wrapping up. She was very polite and very professional. We have used other companies in the past and haven't been very happy with the level of cleaning performed. It seemed that things were just wiped off, swept, quickly done to get in and out. NOT CLARITY CLEANING SERVICES! Bri cleaned EVERYTHING! I can't say enough about the overall experience. If you are on the fence about allowing someone in your home to do cleaning, do not hesitate with CLARITY CLEANING SERVICES.
Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown
My husband surprised me with a deep cleaning of our home for Valentine's Day. I am so happy with the results! Bri spent two days at our home, cleaning and organizing each room down to the last detail. We are blown away at the care she put into her work, like she was taking care of her own home. Thank you! I would highly recommend Clarity Cleaning!

Our mission is to help homeowners fall in love with their homes and feel at home in their homes. We are inspired by the praise we receive and strive to provide identical outcomes to every customer we have the privilege to serve.

If you live in the Highland IL area, be sure to check out our cleaning service Highland IL to have our professionals come out and clean!

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We are looking forward to hearing about your needs for residential cleaning. Send us photos of your home by filling out the questionnaire on our contact form. Then we can better discern your needs and devise an immediate action plan. We’ll return your call with a consult and price for personal cleaning.