Post Construction Cleaning Services

post construction cleaning

There is no better feeling than moving into a freshly remodeled or newly built home or office. The last and most important thing to be done before you move in is the professional post construction cleaning. Whether it is one room or a whole residential/commercial space, renovations can leave a trail of dust everywhere. Fine dust particles can permeate the plastic that separates work zones and covers the floor. It can also spread through the HVAC and duct system.

Understanding Construction Cleanup

Hiring a cleaning service like Clarity Cleaning to come in at the tail end of your project in conjunction with your contractor will make your moving into the space a stress-free experience, especially if you have breathing issues. Clarity Cleaning will save you time, stress, and money.

Post-construction clean-up includes several rounds of cleaning, including a rough clean, light clean, and a final clean. In addition to the regular cleaning items of scrubbing appliances, baseboards, fixtures, and flooring, post-construction clean-up includes properly removing debris and construction materials, removing stickers from new appliances, fixtures, windows and doors, cleaning up paint and caulk drops inside and outside the home, and removing fingerprints from all windows, doors, and mirrors.

Clarity Cleaning has a post-construction cleaning team that has the knowledge and training to remove debris, dust and grime that accumulate throughout the construction project. Our crew uses the right techniques, equipment, and cleaning agents to leave your space in perfect condition. Our crews also have the proper personal protective equipment to protect themselves from the health hazards that can be left behind, such as fine dust particles, chemicals, and sharp debris such as nails, screws, etc.

Selecting the Right Flooring Material

Clarity Cleaning’s post-construction cleaning team is skilled at using the most efficient cleaning processes to clear away debris, removing dust, and tackling tough grime on every surface, from ceiling to floor. Our expertise will save you valuable time and money, allowing you to move in and enjoy your new space sooner. Because we use our own equipment and cleaning supplies, you won’t have to purchase expensive tools and cleaners that you may never use again.

As professional cleaners, we know how to clean a variety of surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, granite, and more, without leaving scratches, stains, or other damage to your new surroundings. The cleaners we use can also help extend the life of your new floors, countertops, and other fixtures. We can recommend cleaners to use on different surfaces if you do not sign up for regular housekeeping services or between cleanings. Our vacuums contain special filters that will trap all the contaminants and pollutants from not only your flooring, but the air, leaving your space chemical and odor free.

post construction cleaning

Benefits and drawbacks of Construction

Because every post-construction clean-up is different, Clarity Cleaning Services tailors their cleaning approach to the size and use of the space built or remodeled. A newly constructed home will not have the same clean-up needs as a remodeled office space. No matter what size or type of space you have, our post-construction cleaning crews pay an exceptional level of attention to details.

A sparkling, clean environment is the ideal way to show off the beauty and craftsmanship of your newly completed space. Your home or office will never look better than it does after a post-construction deep clean! (But Clarity Cleaning can keep that look for you with our regular cleaning services.) 

Cleaning Practices Once Construction is complete

Hiring a company such as Clarity Cleaning to do your post-construction clean-up will also save you days or weeks of cleaning yourself. This gives you more time to make the space yours and start enjoying your space.

Your home is your refuge after a long day at work, and you invested a sizable amount of money in remodeling your existing space or having a custom home built. Your office space is your clients’ first impression of your business. Having Clarity Cleaning complete your post-construction cleaning is an investment in the longevity of your new spaces and the health of your family or employees. 

Call us at (618)979-2287 to get a free quote on what a post-construction cleaning package looks like for your space. Our licensed and bonded employees will leave your residential or commercial property safe and sparkling from top to bottom, in every corner, inside and out.